Dental Implants


Missing a tooth? Dental implants from
$2999 onwards, inclusive of crown.
Medisave claimable $1,250.

Dental Implants: From $2999 onwards, inclusive of crown. Medisave claimable $1250.

Why Dental Implants are Superior

Dental implants are a safe treatment to replace missing teeth. They resemble real teeth in function, aesthetics and structure, and last for a long time. If they are suitable for you, the support they lend to your new teeth is superior, compared to bridges and dentures.

Why Choosing the Right Dentist Matters

There is no special license needed for dentists to place dental implants, but studies have shown that it is important to pick the right one. They should last for a long time if done by a skilled dentist.
At Nourish Dental Care we guarantee a minimum of five years for your dental implants. We use the latest technology to diagnose, treat and manage every patient as an individual. Dr. Chionh who runs the practice has many years of experience with dental implants. He holds full membership in all four Royal Surgical Colleges of the United Kingdom & Ireland.

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