Case Studies

Case Study #4

Sinus Toothache: When You Mistakenly Treat the Teeth Instead

Dental surgeons may come across cases of sinus toothache or diseases. Pain in our teeth can come from our neck and head as they’re connected.

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Case Study #3

Excruciating Jaw Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches: Solving the Mystery

A combination of jaw pain, neck pain and headaches can negatively impact your quality of life tremendously. Learn how we came to a diagnosis.

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Case Study #2

Teeth Have Headaches, Too!

Many teeth pain cases referred to Nourish Dental Care have some surprising effects like headaches. Our head, neck & shoulder areas are linked.

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Case Study #1

Why Your Toothache Might be Myofascial Pain (and Nothing to Do with Your Teeth)

It can be a surprise but many of ‘toothache’ cases that we see have in fact, nothing to do with the teeth. Myofascial pain is one cause.

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