5 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Superior in Quality

5 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Superior in Quality

The process of getting dental implants done may be lengthy, but the end result is superior in many ways. There are a few different methods of restoring teeth, some of which are cheaper. Yet the quality and functionality that dental implants provide are incomparable. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of dental implants, and how they can improve your quality of life.

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Dental Implants Provide Solid Support to New Teeth

The biggest benefit of dental implants is the support it gives your new teeth. They resemble the entire tooth structure from root to tip. This means that they provide function and aesthetics that are as close to real teeth as is possible.

Unlike dental bridges, there is no need to alter any existing, healthy teeth to fit them into your mouth. Dental bridges are not as long lasting either, and wear out after 5 – 10 years.

As dental implants do not contain nerves, you will not feel sensations such as heat, cold and pressure. But the surrounding gum tissues can still pick up such stimuli. Over time, you will probably not even notice this effect anymore.

Dental Implants Help to Keep Adjacent Teeth Stable

When there are gaps in your mouth, adjacent teeth start to shift toward them in a crooked manner. This pulls your teeth out of their positions. Which in turn can affect your bite, chewing abilities and appearance. A poor bite can lead to TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders), which can cause pain in your mouth, face, jaw and even ears.

Waiting for too long before filling in these gaps can also create more problems. If the space is left empty for a year, your jawbone loses about 25% of its volume due to the lack of stimulation. Bone loss continues over time. Dentures may even accelerate this process, as they often become loose and rub against the bony ridge, which wears it away. Gum disease can also develop as bacteria and food are easily trapped within these gaps in your mouth.

Dental Implant vs Bridge vs Denture Infographic

Restoration of Full Chewing Power

Another important function of dental implants is the restoration of full chewing power. Compare this with dentures, which only restore 10% or less of that. This has a direct affect on your quality of life, as it limits your food choices, which can further lead to nutritional deficiencies.

High-pressure chewing is also a form of exercise for your mouth that helps to prevent bone loss. Dentures do not provide enough stimulation to maintain the volume of bone in your jaw. This can lead to a sunken appearance with excessive wrinkles, saggy skin, lips and jowls, as the face starts to collapse over time.

Dental Implants are Non-Toxic & Look Like Real Teeth

Dental implants are custom made from the root up, so that they fit perfectly into a person’s existing mouth structure. Apart from the health benefits, they also resemble real teeth in appearance. This serves to restore a person’s self-esteem and confidence, whenever they need to open their mouth to talk or smile.

They are able to fit in so well with your mouth due to their biocompatibility. This means that they are non-toxic, so your body will not reject them as foreign material. Thus, they are able to fuse with your bone to form a solid foundation.

Dental Implants - The Second Permanent Tooth

Dental Implants are Easy to Maintain

Daily care and maintenance for your dental implants are the same as with real teeth. Brush and floss as per usual, and avoid smoking which reduces their lifespan. There is no need to remove or re-glue them, as they are a perfect fit within your mouth.

Compare this to dentures, which have a tendency to slip out, and must be removed for regular cleaning. Dentures can also cause annoying clicking sounds, and augment your sense of taste as it covers the roof of your mouth. With dental implants, there are no such problems.

In Conclusion

As seen in this article, there are many benefits for choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth. At Nourish Dental Sleep & TMJ Care, Singapore, we use the necessary technology to diagnose, treat and manage each patient’s condition. We guarantee a minimum of 5 years for your dental implants.

Dr. Eric Chionh who runs the practice has over 20 years of experience, with a focus on orofacial pain, myofascial pain, dental pain management, TMD / TMJ Disorders, sleep dentistry, sleep apnoea, and more.

He is formally trained in Oral Medicine and Orofacial Pain, and holds a Singapore Dental Council approved qualification in these areas. You can learn more about Dr. Eric Chionh’s qualifications and our dental practice here. Visit Our Services page to view all dental and pain management services we provide at Nourish Dental Sleep & TMJ Care in Singapore.

9 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Good Infographic


Afton Jackson
May 27, 2021 1:14 pm

You really caught my attention when you stated that you can have full chewing power when you get dental implants. Losing my ability to chew certain food has gotten me to change to a diet that I’m not very satisfied with, so I’d love to have those functions back. I’ll do that by taking your advice and finding a dental implant expert in the area that can assist me with this.

Henry Killingsworth
January 25, 2023 4:06 am

It was interesting to me when you explained that dental implants provide function and aesthetics that are really close to real teeth. With that in mind, it seems like it would be important to make sure that you brush and floss around dental implants like you would with normal teeth. I would think that you would want to make sure that you keep the gums around your dental implants in good health.

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