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We specialise in dental implants, pain and sleep dentistry, and offer other core dentistry services.

Feel free to call us at +65 6344 0091, WhatsApp us at +65 9322 5362 or email us at admin@nourishnaturally.org if you can’t find something on the list. We will be happy to assist you further!

Pain Management & Holistic Care

- Laser Pain Management
- Tens
- Ultrasounds
- Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
- Manual Therapy
- TMD Massage Therapy
- Nutritional Therapy​

Sleep Dentistry

- Sleep Study
- Splints
- Sleep Apnea Treatment

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5 Year Guarantee

For Dental Implants

At Nourish Dental Care, we guarantee a minimum of five years for your dental implants. Dr. Chionh’s high qualifications and many years of experience means that you are in good hands. Combine this with his meticulous team and usage of the latest technology, and you can rest assured that you are getting the best treatment possible.